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The founders of Eliviat got into property development because there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as starting with unbroken ground and building something great.

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Invest With Us

We at the Eliviat Group are always evaluating new properties for development. We pride ourselves on selecting profitable investments with quick turnaround time in realizing gains. Our investment strategy is two-fold, yet simple.

  • We focus on developing residential real estate in prime areas with strong economic growth, strong economic sustainability, and strong traffic and consumer spending. Our vision has transitioned to developing multifamily residential real estate by high performing mall assets with a focus on entertainment and dining in addition to the traditional brick and mortar business. We focus on developable land while working closely with municipalities and government in approval and execution of the project.
  • We also focus on Multifamily residential, income producing assets with extreme rehab potential for major upside. We typically will buy, redevelop, repurpose, or rehabilitate, the asset with a focus on high income growth areas. Part of our income producing strategy is to acquire properties that are struggling with keeping up with maintenance and tenant demands and doing the work necessary to reviliatize the asset for the neighborhood its’ housed in.

If you are interested in investing in our upcoming projects please feel free to reach out to either Eli Attias (eli@eliviat.com) or David Friedman (david@eliviat.com). We are looking forward to working with you and delivering on our promise to provide strong, quick, and recurring returns.