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The founders of Eliviat got into property development because there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as starting with unbroken ground and building something great.

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Our work begins with hard-nosed research into local market conditions and infrastructure. Every phase of development is guided by the expertise we’ve built along with our track record of success. We never scrimp on planning or gloss over details, because we know they’re vital to bring a project to fruition.


Working with local communities throughout the development process is fundamental to how we operate. We collaborate with business and municipal leaders to identify the optimal locations, improvements and amenities, so that we can ensure each project blossoms into an asset to the community.


We don’t start projects to let them wither on the vine. We know what it takes to bring an ambitious vision to life and deliver the results we promise to communities and investors. Seeing each of our complex projects through to completion on schedule means following through at every step of the way.



The Eliviat Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of approximately five acres of land directly across the Galleria Mall at Crystal Run in Wallkill, New York. It will be the