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The founders of Eliviat got into property development because there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as starting with unbroken ground and building something great.

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Part of what makes our team unique is that we have access to a constant flow of deal flow. We at the Eliviat Group consider ourselves to be a boutique multi faceted real estate company that buys, builds, develops, invests in, manages, and brokers real property. When we see a deal that we believe is not for us; we pass it forward to our extended network of real estate professionals. We pride ourselves on being able to keep our focus on what our vision is, and if it doesn't fit our vision, we pass it along. After all, one project that may not be for us, is exactly what someone else is looking for.

Reach out to us if there are any particular type of deal that you are interested in that we may be able to assist with.

We also position ourselves with respect to raising equity for other projects. We have invested millions of dollars into other development projects as a co-sponsor or equity partner since 2018. Our main focus has been to invest in income producing multi family residential real estate that provides higher-yield, and strong cash on cash returns for our investors.

If you are interested in investing in our upcoming projects please feel free to reach out to either Eli Attias (eli@eliviat.com) or David Friedman (david@eliviat.com). We are looking forward to working with you and delivering on our promise to provide strong, quick, and recurring returns.